Simplifying neonatal monitoring


Simplifying neonatal monitoring


A Short History About Us

Incereb, an ISO 13485 certified company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is developing a pipeline of paediatric, neonatal and fetal sensors for EEG monitoring which can be applied in minutes, with minimal training.

Incereb are developing a pipeline of products for the EEG and physiological monitoring sensor market. With over 20 years expertise in clinical neurophysiology and neonatal intensive care monitoring we would be happy to work with clinicians and industry partners to develop sensors which save time, money and increase efficiency and effectiveness.


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Ease of Use

Reliable out of the box experience. Our products are designed with the end user in mind.

Clinical Need

Our products are a direct reaction to real, measured clinical needs. This way, we ensure that innovation reaches those in need.

User Feedback

During design iterations we expose prototypes to their end users. Direct user feedback helps shape each product.


Our growing list of partners and distributors ensure our products reach those in need. Fast, reliable distribution.

Our Neonatal and Fetal physiological
monitoring sensors are quick and easy to use without the need
for specialist training in neurophysiology.

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